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Bird Natural Wood Cage Climbing Ladder Toy
New -33 %
Brand: Pets Empire Model: Bird_Natural_Wood_Cage_Climbing_Ladder_Toy
Birdie basics 6 step ladder so it fits anywhereBird wooden ladder,solid wood construction with colorful ball and metal hanging hooksEasy to use addition to your cage, allows your pet to stretch his legs on this natural wood ladderDesigned to meet the everyday needs of birdsSize 11-inch long and 2.8-..
₹269.00 ₹399.00
Dorapet Bodacious Bites Accordion Bird Toy, Multicolor
New -49 %
Brand: Pets Empire Model: Bodacious_Bites_Accordion_Bird_Toy_Multicolor
Bodacious bites bird toys encourage foot and beak exercise while providing mental stimulationMade with 100-percent pet safe, non-toxic, colors and materialsConnects to cage easily with quick-link attachment..
₹225.00 ₹445.00
Natural Rattan Ball Cage Chewing Toy for Birds
New -33 %
Brand: Pets Empire Model: Natural_Rattan_Ball_Cage_Chewing_Toy_for_Birds
◆Designed with rattan ball, it can help parrots to preen and condition their beak while they chewing the ball, preventing the long beak harm parrots' health.◆With hanging hook design, it is suitable for all kinds of parrots cages. It's possible for you to put this hanging toys in your parrots cages,..
₹258.00 ₹385.00
Small Fuzz Ring Wooden Chew Toy For Bird
New -34 %
Brand: Pets Empire Model: Small_Fuzz_Ring_Wooden_Chew_Toy_For_Bird
This toy is about 8" high x 4.5 wideColorful calcium provides essential nutrients soft cotton fuzzy ropeConnects to cage easily with quick-link attachmentMade from 100-percent safe, non-toxic fd&c colors and materials1 Piece..
₹265.00 ₹399.00
Wooden Bird Swing with Bell (10x11cm)
New -56 %
Brand: Pets Empire Model: Wooden_Bird_Swing_with_Bell
Interactive toys help alleviate cage boredomHanging bells add audio stimulationIt also keeps your bird mentally alert..
₹175.00 ₹395.00
Wooden Ladder Fun Cage Toy for Bird and Small Pets, 28 cm
New -35 %
Brand: Pets Empire Model: Wooden_Ladder_Fun_Cage_Toy_for_Bird_and_Small_Pets
Made of real wood for the perfect equipment for your cageWooden rungs provide a natural texture that aids in claw and scale maintenanceComes complete with an attachment hook that will secure the ladder safely to your cageAlso for use in outdoor areasIdeal support use the supplied screw hooks..
₹259.00 ₹399.00
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